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Turkish Bath and Steam bath

Traditional oriental peeling, generally known by the name "Hammam", is a beauty procedure known for centuries. People began discovering the beneficial effect of water both directly on their physical and emotional health, and also on their senses, internal organs and systems.
The main purpose and effect of the oriental ritual performed in a Turkish bath is to open up skin pores using the effect of steam and heat, remove the superficial layer of dead skin cells and with the help of strong perspiration to dispose of all toxins. The procedure is rounded off with a "foamy" relaxing and invigorating massage, followed by a contrast shower. To achieve the full effect of the Turkish bath it is good after the end of the procedure to have a glass of freshly pressed juice of tropical fruit in pleasant and relaxing surroundings. Hammam is the basis for many other rituals that have different effects on the body. However Hammam is a procedure that cannot be compared to any other experience. Every minute spent in the Turkish bath is true bliss for the senses.
Steam Baths are one of the most common SPA&Wellnes treatments and there is a reaso behind it. The health benefits that can be extracted from the frequent usage of it are numerous.
​It enlarges the blood vessels Thus more blood reaches the skin and improves the blood circulation. In this sense, they are recommended for people with enlarged veins.
​The extraction of fluids improves when sweating - the body gets purified from all the toxins
​There is a healing effect - in cases of muscle strain, light pain in the joints and muscles. When combined with a massage it is an ideal combination.
​The Steam removes teh death cells from the skin - this refreshes the body. The pores open up and the cells on the epidermis regenerate.
​The steam bath is excellent in anti-cellulite treatments.
​After a steam bath the different cosmetics penetrate teh skin easily and are more effective this way. That is why it is often combined with different beauty treatments.
​Steam bath purifies the respiratory tract  - from traditional medicine up to the modern cosmetology saloons it is well known the favourable effect of the different healing inhalations.
​Teh aqua therapy relaxes and refreshes. The showe after a steam bath must be room temperature - not too hot, not too cold.