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About the restaurant
Welcome to a Sirius ship-restaurant. The unique fridge of the XIII century has been turned into a specialized fish restaurant with 150 seats.

The Sirius ship was anchored on land in 1991. and since then has been hosting all year round local residents and foreign guests. Located on the very beach in the resort of St. Constantine and Helena and has the glory of the oldest and classical fish restaurant near Varna.

The interior of the ship consists of two levels, where are located the four dining halls and a bar with dark wooden furniture, sea maps and lanterns. The result is a harmonious blend of historical charm and modern sophistication. By entering a man, he creates the impression of a floating sea vessel. Completing the story is done with the help of the crew dressed in seaman's uniforms. From May until the end of September, the restaurant grew twice. The outdoor deck and the two terraces provide unparalleled views of the coastline and the azure Black Sea, as well as culinary adventures in the open sky.


The most important thing  is the Sirius restaurant is the quality of the food.
The menu is a mix of exquisite seafood,
fresh fish prepared on grill,
starters of marinated fish.

The pleasure of seafood is not complete without being combined with wine. The restaurant offers the best Bulgarian wines, as well as the famous French wines from Bordeaux, Italian, Spanish and even New Zealand wines.

And what is more important than the rich menu is that each dish is prepared with skill and special attitude!
Working hours : 9:00 - 00:00h. (from May till September)
Phone for reservations and information 0878 963 923