General information about the project
* "Alternative Balkans" is the first project in the medical sanatorium industry which is focusing not on wellness programs, but medical-chronic orthopedic, endocrine and geriatric diseases and conditions.
 Tammans Group Israel is an official partner of Sirius Beach Hotel - participant of the "Alternative Balkans" projects
* The project involves hotels, sanatoria and spa centers, which have passed the competitive selection and fully meet the highest international standards.
 * The project’s medical teams consist of highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in various fields of conventional and alternative medicine and physiotherapy.
  * The treatment process is monitored by Israeli specialists and is based on Israeli restorative health techniques.
 * Five meals a day plan, consisting of organic food, takes into account health status and is carried out under the supervision of an experienced nutritionist.
* In order to participate in the project, one should obtain an individual medical card.
Individual medical card "Synapse"
 * It has 2 options - health improvement and medical.
* Obtaining a card is a prerequisite for visitors to the treatment program "Alternative Balkans and the Balkan House."
* To book a medical tour, individuals need to obtain an individual card.
* To get a card, individuals need to email, in advance, extracts from the medical history, laboratory research data and conclusions of specialist doctors at
* The treatment programs are individually based; they take into account the analysis of the medical history, age and physical data.
* The individual card includes recommendations for the duration of the course of treatment, its intensity, venue/country, health center, hotel, and spa center.
* All methods and types of treatment recommended in the medical card are balanced and combined in a specific way to include a wide range of various types of alternative medicine and physiotherapy.
* The medical card records all the data and the state of health during the treatment process, which allows constantly adjust the course of treatment.
* The healing process is built on the complex application of a wide range of technologies of leading methods of alternative medicines and physiotherapies based on original tactical schemes and techniques.
* The individual medical card allows for avoiding side effects and unnecessary treatments, as well as increasing efficiency and quality of treatment of chronic orthopedic, endocrine and geriatric diseases and conditions.